Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mel Brooks Mocking Hitler (Part 1)

I can think of few movie directors who consistently manage to poke fun at Hitler and Nazis in a way that never gets old like Mel Brooks.  Indeed, I believe that he is the grand champion.  Here is one of his best moments:

Evidently, a dubbed version that sounds Danish or something?

This is the end of Brooks' History of the World, Part I, where there are trailers for History of the World, Part II (which did not happen).  What makes this so funny is, naturally, seeing Hitler figure skate, but I particularly like the choice of Johann Strauss Jr.'s Blue Danube Waltz.  First, it is ideal figure skating music, of course.  But the music of Strauss Jr. was also favored by the Nazis and programmed frequently for concerts.  I have no idea if Brooks knew this or if he simply wanted to feature a graceful waltz.  Either way, the scene is sixteen seconds of perfection.

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