Monday, March 24, 2014

Everything Wagnerian that we could find on Etsy

The entire purpose of this post is to point out all things Wagnerian that are available for sale on Etsy. Are you all ready for this?

While first perusing Etsy one might not initially find some good Wagnerian gems. In fact, you're probably gonna see a whole lot of dutch ovens (this one costs $595.00!):

But eventually you'll find some delightful items. A guy in California is currently selling posters of the Ring Family Tree for a pretty cheap price ($20.00). I might buy one. No joke.

We also found this fantastic art nouveau illustrated book on Valhalla. It's all yours for $87.00.

How about a Richard Wagner pendant for that special lady friend in your life? Etsy's got one ($12.00)!

This page-turning read on Wagner is bound to thrill the Wagnerian-obsessed (vintage book, 1920s. $8.00):

Here's a vintage Hungarian Wagner postage stamp ($12.00) that I bet you didn't know you needed:

Send a loved one a Wagnerian note-card for $5.50:

A 1910s score of Rheingold, complete with pretty pictures:

This one's actually pretty wild. Here's a lithograph of Renoir's "Portrait of Wagner" ($150.00):

Did you know that John Updike wrote an illustrated children's book on Wagner's Ring Cycle? It's all yours for $60.00!

It has so many pretty pictures in it!

This one creeps me out: an antique postcard of Richard Wagner. His face is made out of women:

An antique button depicting a scene from Lohenrin ($20.00):

A reproduction of a Metropolitan Opera poster featuring Freia ($20.00):

Here's a bust of Richard Wagner that's also a candle!

This might honestly be my favorite item on this list. It's a necklace that doubles as a wax seal ($95.00). Because of course.

Here's a vintage 1905 postcard from a Wagner festival that might be a good score ($5.00):

And last but certainly not least, feel free to strut around at the gym or at your ultimate frisbee match (I'm assuming) in your Richard Wagner t-shirt ($12.00):

Aren't you glad we scoured Etsy's website to bring you these finds?


  1. I find it hysterically funny that the opening sentence on that Parsifal postcard talks about a great performance of Meyerbeer's 'Huguenots.'

  2. Just shared this with my class - we're studying Wagner this week!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope they enjoyed it. Hehe.