Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Girl Group Twerks to Classical Music In Hopes of "Bringing It Back"

The San Francisco Globe has an article out right now on a South Korean Girl Group who's twerking to Dvorak's New World Symphony. An organization known as B-Classic is seeking to "revive" classical music, fearing that it's become too static/dead. They want to give classical music the same recognition as other genres of music (pop, rock, and so on) and they've launched a competition called the Classical Comeback Video to encourage listeners/fans to submit their own music video to a piece of classical music.
I have so many thoughts. So many thoughts. But mostly: this is not okay. Can we all agree on this point? And can we talk about why this isn't ok? A few words/terms/expressions come to mind, sort of like a free-writing exercise:
1. The objectification of women
2. The imitation of black female bodies
3. Pandering
4. The misuse of the phrase "Comeback" here

GAH. I'll leave it at that for now. Share with us why you think this video is not ok in the comments or on our facebook page.
Peace out.
~ Your raging feminist/art music lover

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